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Alfaliquid, one of Europe’s first e-liquid brands, currently commands over 50% of the French marketplace. What makes Alfaliquid unique is its emphasis on safety, quality, and innovation in the development of flavors.

Alfaiquid has a flavor to satisfy every enthusiast’s taste, from beginning to experienced vapers.

Inherent in the creative process of developing Alfaliquid flavors is the application of rigorous safety requirements, which not only meet but exceed Europe’s regulatory standards.

Raw materials and finished products are scrupulously tested with the most technologically advanced equipment to ensure that our liquids are of the highest quality.

One other way Alfaliquid products are different from many others on the market is that they don’t contain the harmful chemicals Diacetyl, Acetyl, Propionyl, Acetoin, Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, or Acrolein.

The brand’s products are developed using certified food grade flavors, drawn from and inspired by natural sources.


The Alfaliquid brand is made by the family-owned company Gaiatrend, Europe’s foremost e-liquid producer. Gaiatrend is based in the Lorraine region of France.

Gaiatrend is owned and operated by the Martzel family. The Martzels founded the company on two crucial principles: respecting their customers’ health and protecting the environment.

In fact, they chose the name Gaia of Gaiatrend because it refers to the mythological God, Mother Earth.

The idea for Gaiatrend originated when the family patriarch, Didier Martzel, a pioneer in the e-cigarette industry, filed a patent for a “cigarette substitute” in 2006. Gaiatrend was officially born in 2008, with Didier’s son, Olivier, helping to launch the company.

Xavier Martzel, Didier’s other son, holds an advanced degree as a flavor artist. He serves as the company’s official “vapologist”, a position that requires the same level of expertise as that possessed by top chefs. In 2011, Gaiatrend obtained its ISO 8317 certification for production.

New Frontiers

As part of its global expansion plans, Gaiatrend has founded a U.S.-based subsidiary which has a mission to bring European-style vape to America.  

According to Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Gaiatrend USA’s president, “Gaïatrend comes from a culture where vaping is accepted and hasn’t been vilified. Our mission is to educate, unify and encourage vapers to be vocal about overzealous regulations while offering a quality product that not only serves as a smarter alternative, but can be enjoyed by adult consumers across the globe.”

Over his career, Arnaud has developed an expertise in e-liquid safety and profound industry experienc.

Arnaud is the former President of FIVAPE, a European vaping trade association, and is now serving as the organization’s Secretary General for International Relations. He is also a board member of the Vapor Technology Association.

Arnaud also plays an integral role in the development of industry standards as a founding member of the AFNOR (French Standards Body) technical committee on Vaping and Vapor Products. He is also a current member of the CEN (European Standards Body) and the ISO (International Standards Organization).